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In my earliest childhood I discovered my love for music, especially singing. At the age of eight I was accepted into the famous children's choir "Schönwasser" and from then on, I had individual singing lessons, two choir rehearsals and performances every week. With the choir we regularly won prizes at international choir competitions, recorded CDs and made appearances on German television. When I moved to Spain I was trained in Bolero and Latin American singing.

At the age of eighteen I signed a record contract, which I cancelled after recording my own compositions, because I didn't want to be changed and stereotyped, I wanted to stay true to myself. Instead, I completed my international studies in economics and sang in a band.

Parallel to my studies and job in the financial department of a large aerospace company in Munich, I studied acting, singing and musical and I undertook the classical Belcanto school with the renowned opera singer Bennie Gilette. When offered my first big jobs, television roles, and commissioned compositions, I dared to quit my secure job.

From then on, I devoted myself to the performing arts. I played in several German television series and performed on stage in musicals and with a big band orchestra. A long-cherished dream came true when I performed on stage of a traditional London theater in the role of "Venus" in the English comedy-gospel musical "One-Way Ticket to Heaven”. While composing and writing lyrics for other artists, I also published my own compositions such as "I am Love" and released a single with the popular German actor Joseph Hannesschläger.

I then took some time off to devote myself to bringing up my daughter, a beautiful and important time in our lives. As being a single mother required a certain degree of flexibility, I started to develop my own stage programs as a solo artist, which was quickly met with great approval. With my programs I express my love for music and acting as well as my affinity for comedy, - there are almost always cabaret interludes during my shows. I also enjoy taking my audience onto a journey around the world where I perform in up to ten languages.

During the course of my stage career, I was repeatedly asked if I could also teach singing. Although initially it wasn’t my career goal to become a vocal coach, over time I took several students under my wing. Back in the days during my own training, it was often said that students "must first be broken so that they can be built up from scratch." These martial and outdated methods are repugnant to me, as I realised that they are limiting and suppress a person’s true nature. For this reason, over the past 15 years I have been developing specific methods and exercises for my students that unleash their very own potential and help them to break free from anything that is blocking them, such as negative thought patterns or trauma. To achieve this, I combine my highly intuitive skills with my expertise and decades of experience. My Voice Therapy is a holistic healing approach which focuses equally on the speaking as well as the singing voice, and it is aimed not only at professionals, but at everyone, whether they can sing or not.

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